Organic Comfrey Salve (50ml)

SKU: Com50

Description: Comfrey Salve is traditionally used for skin rejuvenation, scars, breaks, sprains, mild burns and rough feet & elbows. Comfrey is rich in minerals for your skin. It stimulates skin cell proliferation, naturally due to its allantoin content. (Do not use on infected skin, first use a goldenseal/anti-biotic cream, then you can use the comfrey salve after any infection has cleared up).

Directions: Use on sprains, injured bones, external skin ulcers, helps wound healing & it may guard against incorrect scar tissue development. (Do not use on deep wounds. For mildly infected skin use a natural anti-biotic salve first, ie Flower Fairy Echinacea/Goldenseal Salve.)

Ingredients: Cold pressed extra, extra, virgin olive oil, organic comfrey plant & root, local bees wax,cold-pressed sunflower seed oil & natural vitamin E oil. In a glass amber jar.

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